It’s a different kind of volunteering

We don’t ask for donations of clothing or money. We ask for a more valuable donation: you. Our volunteers donate precious skill and time, and become change agents.

Our vision is a world without poverty

We work towards that vision through volunteers because we realize that people are still the best agents of change. To spread these change agents around, we've developed several kinds of volunteering programs, such as our international volunteering program where we work in over 30 countries globally. There is also our national volunteering program in three provinces, and our youth volunteering program for 18 to 25 year old Filipinos who want to become active citizens.

What happens when you become an international volunteer?

We’d like to make that less of a mystery for you so we followed around some of our volunteers while they were in their volunteering placements. Here are six short documentaries about a day in the life of a VSO international volunteer.